Add your link

If you have a pre-nominet name and Nominet are proposing to remove your name from their server and you are intending to contest their action then, as an interim measure, we will be happy to add your site as a link from the front page of this site, identified by its ip address and an alias in your servers httpd.conf file.

This is the link we are using for our own site:

This is nowhere near a perfect solution but it will mean that it will still be possible to reach your site through the link on this site.

It is our intention to seek as much publicity as we possibly can and to ask everyone who is prepared to support us to place a small banner link (below) to this site on their site. In addition we will, of course, be adding the banner link to the sites we control.

Links to domains registered before Nominet UK started

To add your link please send your details by email to .

If you would like to support us, then we would be most grateful if you would add the above link to as many of your sites as you can. Thank you.
There are, of course, other ways to keep your site visible such as a dedicated IP address, giving your visitors or customers a new host file etc. but none of those methods are of much use unless people can find you in the first place, which is why the publicity aspect is so important. And we stand more chance of getting greater publicity if we concentrate our efforts in one place.