Nominet has lost the plot! - A personal view

We (Net Services International Limited) have been using the services of Nominet since it started and we have been fully paid-up members and tag holders since October 2000. We provide a wide range of services to our clients and deal with a number of registries around the world, we feel we have sufficient experience as consumers of Nominet's services to have formed an opinion of their competence. Regrettably our opinion is extremely low.

Nominet seems to have made a number of strategic decisions throughout its history which appear to be very suspect in retrospect. We register many top level domain names through the OpenSRS registry and would contrast the services we receive from them with those from Nominet

Nominet UK 
After eight years it is still NOT possible to register a domain name in real time.
We cannot check the status of our account over the web.
We are not trusted to modify the registrants details on the instructions of the Registrant.
Nominet writes directly to our clients if our payment to them is one day late.
Nominet continue to issue hard copy modification forms direct to the registrant.